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Creating Wealth and Wellbeing through Infrastructure Delivery

 Delivering a significant improvement in economic wealth and wellbeing within organisations and local commumnities


Towards Purpose and Meaning

What we do

Lumus was formed as a collaborative initiative to create more economic growth and wellbeing through infrastructure delivery.  It entails a systemic end-to-end value chain approach, driven by trained internal champions.  The business outcome is a significant improvement in profitability, responsiveness, job satisfaction and competitiveness. 

Wellbeing and sustainability are key drivers, funded by a substantial financial business case.  In other words, the initiative pays for itself while having a major impact on wellbeing and sustainability.

What we deliver

  • Highly participative systemic review of the end-to-end process that delivers a significant improvement in alignment and collaboration across teams and organisations;

  • Training and on-site support services that deliver the internal skill-set and capability for organisations to continually improve alignment and performance;

  • The underlying monitoring systems and coordination services to support implementation for large-scale initiatives.

Value proposition

  • A substantial improvement in the economic performance of organisations to pay better dividends and salaries;

  • An improvement in the competitiveness and revenue of construction firms and alliances, based on cost, delivery reliability and local economic development;

  • A better business case for infrastructure-owner organisations to deliver more infrastructure with the same budged

  • Providing significantly better quality and rewarding jobs.

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