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Maturity Frameworks Downloads

The Lumus Maturity Frameworks have been developed on an international level with input from various organisations.  The aim is to provide organisations with an understanding of where they are in the typical journey towards World-class performance and the key next steps now, based on their current maturity.

Open Frameworks

Note that these frameworks are provided on a free-to-use basis for organisations for non-commercial use and on a creative commons basis.  In essence, (but please read the specific terms and conditions), this means that organisations can use the frameworks for their internal purposes without any cost.  Organisations making use of the framework for commercial purposes need to contribute financially.  It includes consulting, training and mentoring organisations who gain revenue from the Lumus frameworks or Intelectual Property (IP).

Construction Maturity Framework

The aim of this framework is to assist organisations in their change or transformation towards world-class infrastructure organisations.  It focuses on the key practices that drive performance, focusing on the underlying practices that drive the transformation towards a much more integrated organisation (internally and externally).

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Wellbeing Transformation Framework

The wellbeing transformation framework provides a roadmap towards integrating wellbeing in the fabric of an organisation, supported by a solid and accepted benefits case. It starts off with the initial phase, where there is little awareness and a typical compliance approach.  But it when the organisation makes a conscious decision to entrench and embark on a transformation journey that this becomes real, supported by a significant benefits case to shareholders, employees and the local community.

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Manufacturing Maturity Framework

The aim of the manufacturing maturity framework is to provide manufacturing companies with a maturity roadmap to phase in more modern and integrated practices into the fabric of the organisation.  It is a balance scorecard approach that looks at a number of key performance areas.

It is a detailed diagnostic that typically takes a day to conduct with input from a number of people within the organisation

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Service Maturity Framework

The services maturity framework provides a phased approach towards a more integrated organisation, starting with the basic building blocks towards an organisation that is highly integrated into its clients and supplier base.

It is a balance scorecard framework that looks at practices across key areas of a typical services organisation.  

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