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How we create value/A network of support organisations

A Network of Support Organisations

An open framework
The Lumus diagnostic serves as a common language that enables large-scale change, supported by a network of training and consulting service providers.

A key aspect of the Lumus solution-set is that it is an open-standards initiative that enables us to drive large-scale change.  Participating organisations thereby have access to a network of support to provide on-site support.  Lumus was developed and refined in partnership with a range of world-class development support organisations, including leading Universities, industry associations,  EY, PwC, Deloitte and global economic development organisations.  This is especially applicable when we are looking at local economic development, which requires a significant amount of support resources to help drive large-scale change across numerous organisations.

The benefit to participating training, consulting and mentor organisations include the following:

  • It serves as a route to market for new clients

  • Additional revenue from the diagnostic and implementation support services

  • Improved margin with a reduced cost of sales

  • Longer-term relationships as this is a transformational initiative

  • Ongoing visibility through the LumusNet system to support clients on a pro-active basis.

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