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Ajit Balasingham : Local Economic Development

Ajit has extensive experience in the infrastructure supply chain, as a shareholder, managing director, board member, turnaround specialist and a key member of management across various organisations.  It includes quarries, transport, construction, infrastructure, and civil engineering organisations.   He is a board member of the Northland Economic Action plan to accelerate economic development on a regional level.  As managing director of a large transport organisation, he successfully led the biggest management buyout in Australasia at that time with ANZ private equity.  He served on the board and eventually as Chairman of the Northland Rugby Union for twelve years and plays a leadership role in several charitable organisations. 


Ajit has a deep understanding of the infrastructure system and performance within New Zealand.  As a chartered accountant, he can integrate high-level economic and strategic initiatives with participating organisation’s daily profit and sustainability objectives.

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