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Training and Capacity Development

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Alignment and Performance Training for Internal Champions

The objective of the alignment and performance course is to empower internal people to drive the change process.  Working on a much more integrated manner is about leadership, people, values, processess and practices and it requires a deeper understanding to know what to do when.  It includes the free use of the Lumus evaluation and development frameworks.  The skillset is ideal for people in a current or prospective management role.  While it is a short three-day classroom training course with on-site support to ensure the delivery of the expected outcomes:

  • Business alignment and integration, which includes an understanding of the importance of this in the modern economy, the underlying practices, leadership issues, procurement considerations and economic impact;

  • The basics of high-performing organisations, which is a practical way to understand the key human dynamics of high-performing teams;

  • Conducting business process reviews, which includes the initial analysis, process mapping, facilitating participation and how to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities.  Part of this is to gain a systemic understanding of issues that affect performance.  It is a simple and excellent skillset as it also draws people together and creates a common understanding of what needs to be done;

  • Conducting a maturity evaluation, which includes an understanding of the phases an organisation goes through towards integration on a cross-organisational basis, the underlying practices, gaining participation and the development of an appropriate improvement action plan;

  • Business case development, which entails gaining a high-level understanding of how to formulate a business case, the underlying assumptions, key measures and sign-off;

  • Managing change, which includes how to get people on board, understanding resistance to change, key considerations and typical frustrations within infrastructure owners and the construction sector;

  • The importance of KPI's.  Based on experience to date, there tends to be a lack of clear KPI's and the associated teamwork within the construction sector.  It is especially relevant in lower levels of organisations.


The training programme is backed up by on-site support and mentoring to formulate and implement the changes, as and when required.  Again, these programmes can be customised around the specific requirements of clients.

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