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... where contractor performance is a key deliverable.


Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver value to their organisations while working with a vast network of contractors and suppliers.  Lumus originated in a supply chain and performance management environment in line with the strategic sourcing requirements of modern procurement managers.   Specifically, how do we maximise the value to our own organisation while also being a client of choice to contractors? 


While modern procurement has shifted towards more integrated win-win relationships to cater for an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, this shift has often been slower in the construction environment.  The opportunity is to significantly improve the performance and wellbeing of the whole value chain.  Lumus has been developed in partnership with CIPS and various world-class contracting organisations as a collaborative initiative to accelerate the above shift and the associated improvement in performance.

Lumus, therefore, offers an integrated and end-to-end solution-set to accelerate collaboration and the performance of the value chain.  Yet, we can also focus on only certain components, which includes the following:

  • Strategic sourcing training on how to maximise the alignment between the buyer organisation and the contractor/supplier base;

  • Conducting a detailed analysis and improving the performance and relationship with specific strategic contractors/suppliers, especially where there are current frustrations;

  • Accelerating the performance of the category spend, including improved selection, relationship management and continues performance improvement, and

  • Training and internal capacity development within the local contractor base to improve performance.

Value proposition

  • A significant improvement in cost through improved alignment and a better performing contracting base;

  • An improvement in delivery reliability and responsiveness;

  • Reducing the amount of time wasted by contractor performance issues;

  • Maximising wellbeing impact within the supplier/contractor base, which is a increasingly important modern tender requirement;

  • An improvement in the strategic value-add of the contract management and procurement functions within participating organisations.


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