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End-to-end process reviews

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The end-to-end process review sessions are highly participative workshops to look at the entire end-to-end process to identify immediate and long-term improvement areas.  It is a highly participative learning process where various teams gain an understanding of the key issues of other teams, and an opportunity to understand how performance issues in one team may affect other teams.  The process is reviewed firstly through a people lens, then an environmental lens and only then through an operational/financial lens.  This results in a much higher level of involvement and engagement as it affects people on a much more personal level.  These workshops are also ideal for identifying low-hanging fruit that delivers quick financial returns and wellbeing impact that drives further participation.


It is a quick process that delivers a significant amount of value.  It is also an ideal process to get the participation of various organisations. Often, there is a lack of understanding of how teams affect one another and a shared understanding of what can be done to impact cost, delivery reliability, and wellbeing significantly.

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The process is of significant value in especially the following situations:

  • For internal teams to better understand each other and work together:

  • To significantly the interaction and performance between different organisations;

  • To improve the wellbeing of employees by identifying and implementing changes that create a deeper sense of participation and job satisfaction;

  • To improve sustainability by reviewing the process through an environmental lens, and;

  • Where quick results and high levels of participation matter.

While Lumus can conduct these process reviews, our preference is to initially train internal people to do this and support them in doing this in-house.  It is a valuable skill-set where process reviews are an excellent mechanism to improve performance on a highly participative basis continually. 

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