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Herman Potgieter : Founder and CEO
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Herman is the founder and CEO of Lumus.  He has extensive local and global industry and business development experience, working as Chief Technical Advisor to the UN and development leader for leading global advisory firms.  Herman has operated on a director and senior management level in several organisations and has experience in the infrastructure, logistics, manufacturing, mining, retail, motor manufacturing and the service industry.


Within an infrastructure context, he was responsible for developing and implementing the methodology to maximise the value gained from infrastructure investment.  It entails a systemic approach, which integrates several tried-and-tested global frameworks into a comprehensive solution-set (i.e. the Lumus solution-set).  It served as the basis for approximately $80 Billion in infrastructure development work.


He is extremely passionate about the integration of business performance, wellbeing and environmental sustainability.


His education includes an Industrial Engineering Degree, a Masters of Business Administration and a diploma in Organisational Development.

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