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Programme Management

Larger scale initiatives, especially where there are several organisations involved, require
a high level of collaboration and coordination. 
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Lumus provides a programme management and coordination service for larger-scale initiatives that may span several organisations and teams.  The programme management and coordination service includes the following:

  • Setting up the initial round-table discussion forums to get input and buy-in from the leading organisations;

  • Training internal champions within the participating organisations to lead the improvement process;

  • Conducting a pilot operation to gain buy-in and a deeper understanding of the process, where necessary;

  • Rolling the initiative out across the rest of the participating organisations and teams;

  • Supporting the change programme with the Lumus online monitoring and evaluation systems;

  • Coordinating the participation of business consulting and training organisations, who can provide on-site support;

  • Facilitating government funding support, where this is available, and;

  • Monitoring the achievement of objectives, KPI's and business cases.

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