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Prof Tana Pistorius : Innovation, IP and Contracting
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Tana Pistorius is a Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Auckland Business School.  She contributes a vast level of international experience in commercial contracts, innovation, R&D and IP.  She has been actively involved in policy formulation at national and international levels with regard to trade and development. She has served on various boards, which includes serving as chairperson of the National Intellectual Property Management Office. ​

A vital part of the modern construction environment is to continually innovate and to build up the intellectual capital within the local construction environment. A key area of Tana’s focus is on digital innovation and the management of intellectual property, where she has contributed to various books, research papers and teaching on an international level. She also served as a panel judge for innovative industrial designs, including mining and construction designs.  She played an active role in the development of a contracting framework with increasingly integrated commercial relationships within the supply chain.

​​As with the rest of the Lumus team, Tana is very passionate about local development and has also played a key role within the UN and other organisations to accelerate economic development through research and education.

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